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Jason Hartman and Adam take today's episode to discuss the growing trend toward a renter nation. But this trend isn't just for the young, it's for all age ranges. Renters in the 60+ demographic have seen an even bigger percentage increase than those in the 20-34 or 35-59. This is phenomenal news for landlords, as more people are competing to live in your properties.

They then look into the market for pre-fabricated homes, the impact of recent Airbnb decisions, and a brief glimpse at the 9 effects of inflation that will be discussed further in Tuesday's show.

Key Takeaways:

[3:12] The over 60 demographic has seen a 43% increase in renters in the past decade

[6:52] A survey has found that few millennials are viewing home ownership as a necessity

[9:38] How the pre-fab home market is distorted to make it appear to be a cheap alternative

[16:18] A look into one of Jason's blogcasts on wealth creation

[20:34] Airbnb is giving up the addresses of 17,000 units to New York City.

[24:42] A brief look at the 9 effects of inflation


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