Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman and Adam kick off today's episode answering some listener questions from Brenda and Roger. They want to know about how Jason's family was able to make real estate investing work in California, as well as planning for CapEx repairs as a landlord.

Then Jason talks with Frank Barletta, Co-Founder and CEO of UpTop, about how his software can help self-managing property owners. Frank explains how UpTop helps landlords deal with leases and maintenance requests, as well as how to use the platform.

Key Takeaways:

[3:26] Listen Question from Brenda: Jason doesn't like investing in California but his Aunt has successfully invested in Sacramento, CA. How did she succeed?

[5:58] Real estate as an asset is so powerful that it can turn decent investments into great investments over time

[8:12] How to account for large CapEx repairs

[11:46] It's crucial to look at your inspect report thoroughly and make sure the items that were supposed to be done were done properly so you don't get surprise expenses later

Frank Barletta Interview:

[18:56] What does a landlord do with UpTop?

[21:56] Where UpTop makes its money

[27:01] How UpTop handles leases

[27:48] Dealing with maintenance issues through UpTop


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