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Jason Hartman and Adam start off today's show discussing the impact of Dodd-Frank on the US economy. The massive bill that was quickly pushed through in response to the Great Recession is still being sussed out, and it's possible some parts will never be fully enacted.

Then Jason talks with Richard Rahn, Advisor to former President George HW Bush and Chief Economist of US Chamber of Commerce for Ronald Reagan, about his thoughts on digital currencies and whether they will ever full grab hold in the United States with the power of the government. They also discuss Richard's time in politics and why he left the White House.

Key Takeaways:

[6:50] The world of fakeness

[13:05] Dodd-Frank gave the government the ability to audit loans being given to companies, but the volume of loans makes that virtually impossible to reliably do

[16:12] Credit default swaps and the Great Recession

[18:57] Property profile of a home in Merrillville, IN

Richard Rahn Interview:

[24:01] When Richard started being interested in what would eventually become cryptocurrency

[31:24] The government could target any one of us because most people are committing crimes they don't even know about. But going after encrypted peer-to-peer transactions would be impossible

[35:17] Why does Richard think Bitcoin won't be the answer?

[36:30] Richard's time in the Reagan and Bush administration


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