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Jason Hartman starts today's show examining a PBS News Hour story about the legacy of Paul Volcker. As you know, Volcker passed away recently, but the impact he had on multiple presidents still resounds.

Then Jason talks with Rabbi Evan Moffic about where we might be in the business cycle as we continue moving along in the longest economic recovery in recent history.

Key Takeaways:

[5:47] PBS News Hour story on Paul Volcker

[9:10] Reagan's business plan was to put the Soviet Union out of business, and running up the deficit didn't cause the inflation everyone expected

[16:42] The next recession will not be real estate led

[19:39] The recovery didn't hit "par" from the Great Recession until 2013, so it's not quite so surprising we haven't had a recession in a decade


Remembering former Fed chair and economic giant Paul Volcker

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