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People aren’t the problem, they solve problems. Jason shares news of the Israeli scientists’ claim to a Coronavirus vaccine. The typical income has changed dramatically in 40 years, and so has the way a family’s spending has been shaped. College or internships, the benefits of the latter. Jason answers a question from Florida Rent Control.

In today’s second segment, All ROI is not created equal. Learn one of the most valuable lessons of income property investments, IDEAL. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] The Israeli scientists say they have a Coronavirus vaccine coming out in just a few weeks

[2:30] People solve the problems

[5:30] The typical male income no longer covers a family of four expenditures

[10:00] College or internships?

[12:45] Sebastien from - was reading a report from Marcus & Millichap report about Florida Rent Control

[19:00] Acting as a landlord in California can be a risky business

[22:00] All ROI is not created equal

[22:30] Income - cash flow from your investment (rent revenue)

[23:20] Depreciation - a non-cash expense that recognizes the reduction in useable value for a piece of property over time

[23:40] Equity - as the self-liquidating loan payments are made, it results in an increase in wealth for the investor

[24:08] Appreciation - when the value of a property increases over time

[24:50] Leverage - the use of other people’s time and money


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