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Is the Coronavirus a big enough issue to push back the April 15, Tax Deadline?

Wash your hands and pay attention to the economy, oil, the repo-market, the Coronavirus, and Be Prepared! Today, Jason and George pick up with Part 2, topics such as; The Doom Vortex/feedback loop, oil prices, bonds, and what the world needs to prepare for. The Coronavirus is playing a big role in economic changes and Jason and George break down some of the less obvious concepts of how this plays out. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Pushing back the April 15, Tax Deadline?

[5:00] The people with the healthiest immune systems are most likely to be asymptomatic and be the carrier

[10:45] Love him or hate him, President Trump has started the trend of bringing more (manufacturing) jobs to the U.S.

[12:15] Part 2 Continuation: George Gammon

[13:15] When Triple B bonds get downgraded to junk bonds

[19:25] Sooner or later, companies like Tesla or Uber will need to sell equity to generate the cash they need to sustain themselves, especially in a recession

[25:10] During a recession, tax receipts plummet 



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