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Are we on our way to an inevitable recession, will a government stimulus keep us breathing, should we just, “Print Money,” as Jim Cramer put it? On this tenth episode special, Jason Hartman discusses health concerns, global economics, and how to prepare your health and your bank account from the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

In our second segment, Jason interviews Shenzhen, China local with an update on the lifestyle changes sparked by the Coronavirus. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Are we on our way to an inevitable recession, or will government stimulus keep us clear?

[4:10] Jim Cramer says, “Print money”

[10:00] A quick word from one of our listeners

[13:00] As the demand curve ramps up, that’s when things go crazy

[15:30] Coronavirus (COVID-19), asymptomatic, contagious for up to 14 days without knowing you are sick

[17:20] Handshakes, like mosquitoes are virus carriers

[18:30] How to protect yourself from Coronavirus

[23:40] Coronavirus compared to the Spanish Flu

[28:10] The virus lives on outside surfaces

[30:10] The Chinese Economy, “the workshop of the world” isn’t running near full capacity

[32:00] In China, cities bulldozed dirt over roads to quarantine the towns


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