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Will renters strike on April 1? Investment counselor, Sara, joins Jason on the show today to discuss recent market changes and available properties. Interestingly, mortgage rates are on the rise while Fed Rates drop. You’ve heard of trickle-down economics, but let’s discuss trickle-up economics right now. Lastly, the expectation for a home is shifting slightly, as home offices become a much-needed accessory.  

Key Takeaways:

[2:10] Fed Rates drop but mortgage rates go back up

[3:00] Non-owner-occupied investor mortgage rates are different than primary residence mortgage rates

[6:30] Commercial real estate is to be considered more-so a business, and less-so an investment

[12:15] Trickle up economics

[13:17] Property Update: Mobile, Alabama $95k with rent of $950

[15:00] Will there be an expansion in Section-8 housing?

[19:10] The ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms is no longer the same in this world

[21:05] An investment property in the longest-running market for Indianapolis, Projected Cash Flow $259/month

[24:00] On a budget new investors, keep waiting

[26:50] Reach out to one of our investment counselors, ‘therapists,’ for pandemic investing


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