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Jason Hartman talks of topics around the world, gaining perspective, and a large congratulations to the U.S. space partnership and recent launch. The importance of perspective can not be stressed enough in helping to make decisions, both personally and for investments. 

Ryan Moran is back on the show today to finish up his discussion on taking your business to seven figures. While we often think of the question, “what is the product,” the focus needs to be, “who is the audience?” As well, Ryan shares his views on real estate investing and the economy, post-pandemic. 

Webinar: Wednesday, June 3rd


12 Months to $1 Million by Ryan Moran

Key Takeaways:

[1:26] Do you watch “Billions?”

[2:17] Watch old movies, gain perspective on today.

[3:15] Congrats to SpaceX

[5:45] Questions from the most recent Webinar.

[7:30] Explaining BOOT

[14:00] U.S. food prices see a historic jump and are likely to stay high.

Guest Ryan Moran

[17:00] What goes on outside the Amazon world?

[21:00] Is the magic question, “what’s the product?”

[27:00] You can have two brands for the same product, and market them to two audiences. They can both be wildly successful. 

[37:00] Real estate trends post Coronavirus.

[41:00] Cocooning, from home theatre systems to home gyms.

[45:00] Considering the Federal Reserve the fourth branch of government.


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