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Position or Profit? Position yourself for the rise of suburbia. With several contributing factors for people migrating away from mid-rise and high-rise condos, suburbia looks better and better. Jason Hartman shares real estate investing strategies that have proven effective for decades. However, current events have made these strategies more appealing. Investment Counselor, Doug, shares supporting investment tips based on the book, The Dao of Capital by Mark Spitznagel. 


The Dao of Capital by Mark Spitznagel

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] The rise of suburbia has contributing factors from multiple angles. 

[8:00] Investment Counselor, Doug

[9:30] Discussing, The Dao of Capital, Investing in a Distorted World, Mark Spitznagel

[11:00] Instead of focusing on profit, focus on your position. 

[15:00] Discussing strategies like searching for weak companies.

[19:00] When you have population migrations it puts upward pressure on both price and rent.

[22:30] The demand for sub 250k homes goes up, as 2.3 million potentially leave mid and high-rise condos. 

[28:00] Dollar-cost averaging, the Spitznagel way. 

[30:00] Timing the market, people often forget to calculate the cash that they lose by waiting. 

[32:00] People buy a house because the payment is affordable, not the price. 


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