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What craziness are we living in? Jason Hartman speaks on the hard times urging more and more people to migrate to suburban areas. Expert of home inspections, Kathleen Kuhn, joins Jason to share what to look for and what’s most problematic in home inspections. Kathleen gives the 101 and the advanced tools needed to make sure that you get your home inspections done properly. 

Webinar: Southwest Florida

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] The inmates are running the asylum.

[6:00] What are the police doing right now in response to the protests?

[12:45] The self-fulfilling prophecy is neither true nor false.

[13:30] How hard will the GDP be hit in various countries, in 2020?

[16:00] Always get a home inspection, learn from the best, Kathleen Kuhn.

[16:30] What are some of the most common home inspection problems seen?

[18:45] Roof flashing 101, and its importance.

[21:15] In regards to home inspection, is there an ideal location, that is less problematic?

[22:45] Do you prefer a certain construction style as far as the quality of build?

[26:00] Understanding the prices of home inspections and add-on inspections.

[29:00] How do you mitigate radon?

[30:30] Requesting a re-inspection

[33:30] How has the use of drones changed the home inspection process?


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