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The home is the center of the universe! Jason Hartman shares his thoughts on the jump in home improvements through the pandemic. More people are buying homes because of the coronavirus pandemic and they want more space to work from home. 

Hugh Hendry joins Jason to share what was going through his head through the 2008 recession and what preliminary actions he took to position himself well. Everyone is wondering “where are we going [market]” and Hendry shares some thoughts based on actions the Fed took over the last 60 years. 

Webinar: Southwest Florida

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] The stay at home orders caused a huge jump in home improvement projects. 

[5:10] “They will vote with their feet.”

[6:00] Why did 69% of 5,000 homebuyers move during the pandemic? Lowest Mortgage Rates Ever?

Hugh Hendry

[14:00] 31.2% positive return back in the 2008 recession

[15:00] To be curious you have to misbehave first.

[18:30] Discussing the “boom-market in fear.”

[24:00] Everybody is wondering where we are going [market]? 

[30:00] What is your stance on Paul Volcker?

[33:30] What is the FED doing wrong?


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