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Not a cryptocurrency, but a COVID-Currency. Jason Hartman shares news of a small town in Washington that has created their own local currency, something that hasn’t been used since the Great Depression. And as always, it’s good to ask, “compared to what?” This letter home from a college student couldn’t illustrate this principle more clearly when it comes to gaining perspective. Let’s step back in time for a lesson on the inflation/deflation shell game. Lastly, Jason talks about the wildly unsurprising news that the bidding wars for homes have left the big cities and moved largely to the burbs. 

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Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Let’s not forget to ask one of life’s most important questions. 

[2:45] A letter home from a college student, further illustrating the strength of the question, “compared to what?”

[5:40] A small town in Washington is printing its own currency during the pandemic.

[12:45] House hunters are swarming the villages and rural communities outside of NYC.

[15:15] Predictions of housing purchases in the suburbs rising faster than those of the cities.

[16:45] The bidding war has moved to the burbs.

[22:40] From an Alexa Flash Briefing, The Inflation/Deflation Shell Game. 

[32:45] Playing some inflationary hypotheticals.


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