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The housing market still doesn’t have enough supply to meet the demand of even those that are employed and can afford a house. Jason Hartman wants to know if you can handle the truth about why there aren’t enough homes to buy right now. As well, how has deregulation served us, or hindered us? 

Harry Dent returns for the rant of the year! “This is a bubble that is waiting to pop,” says Dent as he opens up about the Coronavirus just being a cover for some underlying economic issues. “This is much worse than a debt-bubble, it’s a financial asset bubble.”

Webinar News:

Southwest Florida Webinar

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Key Takeaways:

[4:30] “You want the truth?”

[8:45] The Atlanta Market heats UP!

[10:30] Here’s why there aren’t enough homes to buy right now.

[11:30] Deregulation can serve as an aid as well as a problem. 

[15:10] Home builders are holding off on new homes. 

[19:10] Construction of new homes was cut in half. 

Harry Dent

[22:30] This is a bubble that was waiting to pop, and Coronavirus was just the cover.

[23:00] All of this money printing does not stop the virus. 

[27:00] "There is no going back to normal here after 25% of restaurants and some areas closed down."

[33:45] China has already hit its peak. It is going to have trouble keeping up with India.


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