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Jason Hartman responds to listener questions about tax liens being an interesting business right now. As well, he expands on some thoughts about supply/demand shock. Particularly, he makes this comparison using the recent changes in airline prices, webcams, and maybe even the housing market in cyclical areas. 

Harry speaks on his thoughts about gold, cryptocurrency, and inflation. Specifically, asset vs consumer inflation. What causes inflation? What’s to be expected in the future when it comes to commercial real estate or the once sought after McMansions?

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Everything you hear doesn’t have to be right, but it can be an additional tool for reasoning. 

[4:30] Listener Question from James Altucher: Do you think that tax liens might be an interesting business right now?

[9:20] A question from a listener, Brit: regarding massive home foreclosures when compared to the parallels of the supply/demand shock of the airlines. 

Harry Dent, Part 2

[16:30] What is Harry Dent’s opinion on cryptocurrency, bitcoin? 

[19:45] Gold correlates with one thing, inflation. 

[21:30] Money printing doesn’t necessarily cause inflation.

[22:30] What does cause inflation?

[25:15] Asset vs. consumer inflation, that’s the bubble. 

[27:00] This is way worse than the debt bubble, this is a financial asset bubble.

[31:30] Commercial real estate and McMansions will collapse while the 3/2 will go on to thrive. 

[37:00] The first billionaires were born of the great depression.


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