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Will we see any states secede from the union after this ever-growing U.S. polarization, Texas? Jason Hartman speaks critically of value destroyers, be a value creator. And with current updates around the U.S., questions arise as LA is proposing a vacancy tax to motivate landlords to lower their rent, instead of holding out for the right price. 

Cammy Bowker, founder of Global Education Philanthropists, joins Jason to educate listeners on the heinous existence of human trafficking around the world and even in your community. Find out everything you need to know to become active in helping to fight this crime. 

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] Will we see any states secede from the union?

[6:00] Value creators, value consumers, value destroyers.

[12:30] Los Angeles, CA Vacancy Tax Ballot Measure?

Cammy Bowker

[21:00] How did Cammy’s story, and experience with education start in Haiti?

[25:00] Does this problem stem from economic problems, and what’s the process?

[26:00] Human trafficking has no socioeconomic bias. It happens in affluent U.S. communities as well as third world countries. 

[27:00] Over 1.2 million children are taken into trafficking annually. 

[28:25] Adaptive Ops is the sister organization to Global Education Philanthropists.

[31:00] Discussing the extremely controversial black market.

[33:30] If you used to be in special services, and would like to be an operator, they are very much needed.


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