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Jason Hartman hosts today’s show on a booming economy and real estate market. How can one make sense of an economy with so much intervention? New home listings are on the rise but the luxury home market does not have as much growth in comparison. Whether it’s new homes or luxury homes, people are looking away from high-density areas for the purchase of their next home.

Be the arbitrager, not just a landlord. Real estate investing is a multi-dimensional asset with many moving parts and opportunities to capitalize on your money. From the basic monthly profit to inflation-induced debt destruction, master your understanding of real estate investing. Get ready for Meet the Masters, Virtual.

Meet The Masters Virtual: July 31 - August 2

Guests: Harry Dent, George Gammon, Sean Carroll

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] Very few things make sense in an economy that has this much intervention. 

[2:00] New homes listings will soon breach the pre-COVID level.

[4:00] Luxury home markets see only 25 of 94 markets on the rise.  

[7:40] New listings of higher-end homes have been down by 46% while less expensive homes were down by 32%. This is an inventory decline across the board. 

[9:25] shows numbers proving that people are looking for homes away from high-density areas. 

[11:20] Stock and bonds are fiat money. It is paper with no intrinsic value.

[14:00] Listen for the recapitulation of the IIDD, inflation-induced debt destruction.

[17:00] Is a real estate investor just someone who rents houses?

[19:45] How can you financialize your life more?

[21:30] The people closest to the money, get the richest.

[24:00] Trickle-down economics vs trickle-up economics. 

[26:00] As Richard Cantillon discussed, “the more local you are to the money, the more you will be enriched by it.”

[27:10] I’m an arbitrager, not just a landlord. 

[30:00] If you don’t have a plan for your life, you’re going to become someone else’s plan. 

[31:00] Final thoughts on the Cantillon Effect


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