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Familiarity breeds complacency. Jason Hartman and investment counselor Sara talk briefly on insuring quality products for client and investor satisfaction. In 3,000 years, we have never seen interest rates so low. Banks have pulled back sharply on lending for anything. 

Pat Donohoe returns to the show to discuss how it is that an economy grows. The keyword here is debt. Debt is priced into everything and used for growth.

Meet The Masters Virtual: July 31 - August 2

Guests: Harry Dent, George Gammon, Sean Carroll

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Out with the old and, in with the new local market specialists. How to ghost the guys in which you don’t want to do business. 

[6:15] Banks have pulled back sharply on lending to US consumers.

[12:20] Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in 3,000 years! 

Pat Donohoe

[17:25] Have the rules changed in an era of riots and civil unrest?

[20:45] Sometimes, you need contrast to understand the value of one system.

[25:00] If someone makes a poor choice, there is no bailout. 

[29:00] Debt is priced into everything. It fuels the economy.  

[30”45] If you want to create real wealth, you simply must have capital formation.


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