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Jason Hartman talks about the uniqueness of the US real estate market, or shall we call it the advantage? The US market has consistency and a better rule of law. As well, the US has greater data transparency and tools for research and understanding comps. Also, the housing market recovery index. What does the housing market recovery index report right now?

Adam Robinson returns to the show to further his discussion with Jason about macroeconomics. A system based on radical consumption is a losing battle. How has this shaped us, and how has the coronavirus changed how we eat, dress, consume, and even view real estate?


Meet The Masters Virtual: July 31 - August 2

Guests: Harry Dent, George Gammon, Sean Carroll

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] What’s happening with Hong Kong?

[5:00] The US real estate market is so unique with a better rule of law, greater data transparency, and access to many tools. 

[8:00] Thou shalt not gamble. -Jason Hartman Commandment No. 5

[12:45] The housing market recovery index says that things are lookin’ good!

[15:35] Certain cities had the greatest recoveries, but did they also have the greatest declines?

[16:30] The Hartman Index?

Adam Robinson Part 2

[22:10] A system based on radical consumption is a losing battle. 

[25:45] Let’s break away for a Google/Psychology session. 

[31:00] Our home life has changed so much. How we eat, dress, and purchase things have shifted because of the Stay-At-Home orders. 


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