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Jason Hartman speaks on financial literacy in the US. Foreign buying dries up, easing the way for domestic buyers. Jason poses the question, how have American commercial spaces changed, particularly when looking at the decreasing foot traffic of gyms, a commercial space that has done quite well in the past. 

Dr. Richard D. Wolff, professor of economics and author of Understanding Marxismjoins Jason Hartman today, discussing the global economic meltdown. Wolff shares his interpretation of marxism and why he believes that is has been poorly applied. As well, Hartman and Wolff discuss capitalism in America, the perception and the reality. 

Meet The Masters Virtual: July 31 – August 2

Guests: Sharon Lechter, Harry Dent, George Gammon, Sean Carroll

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Meet the Masters, Guest Speaker Announcement: Woman of the Year (2013), Author of Outwitting the Devil, The Secret to Freedom and Success, and Co-Authored the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series. 

[8:00] FDI and the success of foreigners owning US assets, has is slowed?

[16:00] Foreign investors in specifically residential investments, 33.2 Billion! But this is the lowest annual number since 2011.

[17:00] Let's talk about the decrease in foot traffic at American gyms.

Dr. Richard D. Wolff

[20:15] Was Karl Marx's ideas applied wrong?

[26:45] "A liberal and a marxist are not the same things."

[28:30] What is a Marxist? 

[30:45] Capitalism didn't make the break from fatalism and slavery that it thought it did. 

[34:45] Did any country have genuine pure marxism?

[38:30] "There's a reason that a very small number of people are capitalists (entrepreneur) and a very large number of people are workers" - Wolff



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