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Yes, it's true - we are looking at a modified square root recovery. Jason Hartman shares a brief analysis of our economic recovery, what to expect, and how to position yourself for financial comfort. The single-family home proves yet again to have sustainability through the test of time. Building permits for multi-family homes are down in comparison. 

Dan Millman, the author of The Life You Were Born To Live, is here to discuss the loneliness epidemic and his recent book. The question surrounding this discussion is, "What do I want to look back on five years from now when this is behind us?" Dan and Jason discuss the challenges of constraints but the creativity that comes from it. How will people cope with the loneliness epidemic?

Key Takeaways:

[6:30] The economy is facing a modified square root recovery. 

[10:00] When looking at recent permit building activity, multi-family is down, and single-family is up! 

[15:00] Guest Dan Millman

[17:45] How will people cope with the loneliness epidemic? Will coronavirus impact our interaction with technology in a positive way?

[20:00] There's a vast difference between not being able to eat, and choosing not to eat.

[23:00] Constraints breed creativity.

[26:00] Athlete's understand the law of presence. 

[30:15] Are we spiritually weight lifting now?

[33:45] Being at home, and less stimulated is tuning up our RAS, reticular activating system.

[234:45] "Right now, humanity is going through a transformation, and no one promised that it will always be pleasant." -Millman

[39:00] What do I want to look back on five or ten years from now? How did I treat this period?


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