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Jason Hartman and investment counselor, Adam, talk about the comparison of where you want to live before, during, and post-pandemic. Adam shares a few charts from various sources like Redfin that paint the picture of the shift back to suburbs. Jason takes us through a history lesson of manias proving time and again that one should become your own best advisor. Pandemic times are different, and strategies have changed a bit, but investment property still shines on.  

Coffee Tok (Talk) Sunday Mornings 11 am/8 am EDT/PDT

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Visit:

[4:45] Adam shares some figures from Redfin on home search changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

[7:00] The suburbs rule. That perfect place fits on top of the normal distribution curve. 

[12:35] The bread and butter $100k homes are getting harder to find. 

[13:45] The year over year home supply down dramatically. 

[18:45] Jason breaks down a chart showing quarterly mortgage originations by type (purchase money loans, refinance loans).

[20:40] The refinance business is through the roof.

[23:35] The lesson from a history of manias: become your own best advisor.

[26:25] The economy's service sector, 2000-2017, is more than 77% of the entire GDP.

[31:35] Looking at the GMP, Gross Metropolitan Product, of certain areas to watch the transfer of wealth out of places like NYC.


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