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Jason Hartman shares the news about 2 million renters moving to homeowner status, thanks to telecommuting and coronavirus. California is banning Halloween, and Facebook is deleting content and messages in this challenging year, which is 2020. 

Matt Faircloth, of DeRosa Group, and author of Raising Private Capital, joins Jason Hartman today to share some of his stories as a landlord. Find out how Matt went from duplex to 20 units in a garden-style apartment. As well, Matt shares his success with collecting rent while the media was posting about rent strikes. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] According to the WSJ, JP Morgan is investigating clients and employees over coronavirus stimulus plans. 

[5:00] Let's take a look at the changes in the minimum wage since 1964.

[7:35] Is Facebook deleting private messages?

[10:25] 2 million renters could become homeowners thanks to telecommuting.

[12:00] Remote work is destroying America's white-collar, office economy 

Matt Faircloth

[18:45] Are rent strikes as bad as the media has made them out to be?

[20:50] In many cases, the rent that a tenant pays is not going completely and directly into the landlord's pocket.

[23:00] The way in which money is changing makes you have to understand what comes after a trillion. 

[24:45] How did you take a duplex and turn it into 20 units?

[28:00] Because of COVID-19, the innovation and integration of technology with real estate have amplified. 

[32:00] Will we see a state secede from the union in our lifetime?


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