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Jason Hartman shares figures from Zillow about the 2 million people that are now shopping for a home. This is another of many indicators about the mass migration of the 2020s. Businesses have the option of hiring from outside their headquartered region allowing for employment from all parts of the world, not just those living in the high-density, cyclical markets.

Jason Hartman is joined by Dr. Steve Turley, NY Times bestselling author of many books including, The New Nationalism, How the Populous Right is Defeating Globalism and Awakening a New Political Order. Dr. Turley discusses the breaking up of the world, and reverting to a cultural appetite that differs from the one size fits all ideology of modernity. Dr. Turley states that we are living in a time of post-modernity, where we’ve accepted the differences of cultures.

Key Takeaways:

[3:25] “Where would I find a list of Jason Hartman’s linear markets?” - Listener Question

[7:30] Wait till the census comes in, and we can see how pronounced the move away from urban areas really was this year.

[10:00] Zillow says that 2 million people that were renting in big cities will be buying homes.

[12:45] The great American move is underway.

[16:00] How far is too far with censoring in Big Tech?

[17:00] Dr. Steve Turley

[19:30] Modern intellectual theory has hindered the teachings of conversation.

[22:10] What is cultural marxism?

[25:55] “Scientific rationalism was really the one size fits all way of understanding reality.” -Turley

[31:00] Modernity has collapsed into post-modernism.

[32:50] The world is breaking up, and it’s not because liberal democracy won, it’s because modernity lost.

[37:00] If the world is going post-modern, you really only have two choices.

[40:30] What’s the fundamental difference between economic marxism and cultural marxism?

[54:30] The Monologue Media Vs. The Dialogue Media


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