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What is happening with the fifth largest economy on planet earth? Jason Hartman talks about company incentives to leave San Francisco and past laws to protect the group, not the individual. How much will California's housing market change?

Jason continues his interview with Leslie Appleton-Young as she shares data to support buyer/seller trends as emotions shift from the COVID-19 impact. The question continues to go unanswered, how will malls, retail space, and hotels change post coronavirus?

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Key Takeaways:

[1:15] The fifth-largest economy on planet earth, what's happening to their housing market?

[3:30] "As long as you're green, you're growing, as soon as your ripe you start to rot." -Ray Kroc

[5:50] Stripe Inc offers a one-time payment of $20k to their employees to move out of San Francisco, New York, and Seattle - with a 10% cut to their base salary. 

[8:50] "There's no such thing as group rights; there are only individual rights." -Ayn Rand

Leslie Appleton-Young

[13:40] What is the general tone of California, are people staying or going? 

[18:15] We've seen a considerable adaptation of technology in the real estate industry. 

[23:30] Buyers feel a sense of urgency without expecting deals, while sellers are reluctant to lower their prices. 

[29:00] Jason and Leslie discuss the lack of supply and the building restrictions as one of the leading causes for a reduced amount of new homes being built. 

[31:30] How could malls, retail space, and hotels change into residential units for affordable housing, senior centers, or homeless shelters?

[34:00] What shape will the recovery take on? V, square root, swoosh, or W?

[36:30] The work-from-home order will likely be huge for housing.


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