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Many are predicting a crash, but it's already happening in certain areas. Jason Hartman breaks down shadow demand as it coincides with the massive amount of young adults living with their parents. 

Investor, entrepreneur, and Crypto Expert, Mark Moss, returns to the show today discussing what's happening in Mexico compared to California? Moss, a California resident, shares some aspects of California that are proving problematic moving forward. Will these bills in motion and aggressive attempts to combat climate change cause a California market crash?

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Key Takeaways:

[2:45] Let'sLet's discuss shadow demand as opposed to the shadow inventory. 

[5:00] How many young adults live with their parents, right now?

[7:15] A few more end of the world predictions, anyone?

[9:30] Will there be a market crash? Well, which market?

[10:30] In the past 12-14 years, virtually no one has been building entry-level workforce housing. 

[14:00] Airport metrics are a proxy for "the bigger thing happening."

[15:00] CMBS market: CAUTION

[17:10] Jason checks in on a significant Redfin chart analyzing MLS data. 

[23:00] How much did you lose, waiting to time the market?

Mark Moss

[25:00] Why is that the power stays on in Mexico, but not in California?

[28:00] California is leading the charge on fighting back against climate change.

[31:30] And what do experts say about the cause of the fire?

[35:00] With California's chaos and the four bills in working order that could affect real estate, what will happen with the California real estate market?

[38:30] Will there be a real estate crash in 2021?

[40:10] Mark speaks about one market misconception.


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