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Americans are in the entrepreneurial spirit. Jason Hartman shares his daily economic update, including figures from the IMF of advanced and emerging economies in 2020, moving to 2021. As well, gold, what’s the standard? 

Barry Zigas joins Jason Hartman to discuss student loans compared to home loans. Is this similar to a problem we’ve seen in the recent past? How does the shortage of affordable new homes drive inflation?

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Americans are starting new businesses at the fastest pace in a decade. 

[6:00] Get the government out of the way and allow for creative destruction. 

[12:00] IMF says that advanced economies are down 5.8% in 2020, but where will it go next year?

[17:00] How does gold influence inflation? 

Barry Zigas - Part 2

[21:00] Student loans compared to home loans, is this a perpetual problem?

[24:00] There’s a tremendous shortage of affordable new homes to buy, which is part of what’s driving inflation.

[27:20] San Francisco, what caused its high prices throughout history, and will that change from COVID-19?

[34:00] COVID-19 has employment implications, which will translate to housing implications.


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