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Jason Hartman, will this show be censored or not? What company is monopolizing web traffic? 'Google It.' Jason talks about digital-currency. Will the winning crypto be bitcoin or something backed by the Fed? 

Investment counselor, Adam, joins the show today for the first of two parts on bullish invitation homes. Will the individual investor have a chance against hedge funds? Let's talk about Memphis; it's not too late. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Election Night Coverage: LiveStream - Jason Hartman

[2:10] What happened if one company controlled almost all of the world's access to information?

[4:30] The astounding numbers of web search traffic belong to what company? 'Google it'

[8:45] How much is it worth to them to defend the case?

[14:45] The digital dollar is coming.

Investment Counselor Adam

[18:22] Invitation homes, institutional investors, and their incredible bullishness on the real estate market.

[18:40] Income Property is I.D.E.A.L. Income, depreciation, equity growth, appreciation, and leverage.

[23:15] Hedge funds are not only taking inventory, but they are keeping inventory from us. 

[23:30] Embrace the fragmentation. 

[27:00] The bigger investment institutions are taking an interest in more of the linear and hybrid markets, competition for the mom and pop investor. 

[30:30] Let's talk about Memphis. Is it over-bought?

[35:45] Tenant turn in 11 days! Mid-pandemic, in Memphis, TN

[37:15] No new inventory creation at one of the most desired rental ranges. 


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