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This episode of Flashback Friday was originally published: Feb 24, 2014

Returning for an encore interview in episode #363 of The Creating Wealth Show is Jason Hartman's Mom. From the friendly environs of her newly completed McMansion in lower Alabama, the talk turns to fostering an ownership mentality with tenants.Whether you self-manage or go the property management route, this is a critical concept to understand. In short, the trick is to get your tenant thinking of the property as his/her house and to take pride in ownership. In nuts and bolts terms, it's the difference between getting a call at midnight asking to have a light bulb changed or having the tenant in the mindset to do it themselves.

When it comes to tenant self-sufficiency, you might find it difficult to beat one of Mom's tenants. This incredible guy has rented the same place for 25 years. Present and future landlords looking for income property investing success should take this case study to heart. He spent $1,400 to seed the lawn. $3,000 to build a brick wall on one side of the property. And when the hot water heater goes out, he's willing to install it himself. This tenant has the ownership mentality down to a science.

The second half of the show features guest Scott Shellady, Senior Vice-President of Derivatives of the Trean Group. Wait! Don't click away. Too many people think they can't understand derivatives, and we're here to prove you wrong. Listen to Scott break the idea down into layman's terms. You may not want to invest in them but you need to understand what they are and how they fit into the greater financial world scheme.

Mr. Shellady also devotes time talking about the reality of retirement for Generation X in today's goofy financial climate. It's too risky to divide your portfolio into an even 50% split into stocks and bonds, so what do you do?

In This Episode:

* Jason and Scott exchange dueling definitions of derivatives. Is it like trading insurance or "the thing about the thing?"
* What are the one-percenters investing in right now?
* What SWAGER means to your investment strategy
* How to profit in the face of the manufactured stock rally
* What's killing the financial future of the ninety-nine percenters
* Why Gen Xers should figure on working longer before retirement
* How to calculate a security deposit
*Why being too friendly can cost you money
*Even better than an extra deposit is to charge monthly pet rent
*And much more…

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