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Who has End of The World Syndrome? Jason Hartman reminds everyone of the ups and downs of the market, but not the end. The migration, or the flattening of America, continues as Hewlett Packard is leaving silicone valley. 

Adam questions JP Morgan’s move, “relaxing their mortgage standards.” Jason and Adam discuss the potential for another housing bubble or the great recession. Also, Jason and Adam break down some of Jerome Powell’s dialogue. What does this mean for the investor?  


Key Takeaways:

[2:15] End Of The World Syndrome? 

[3:00] To those waiting for the RE crash…

[9:00] Hewlett Packard is leaving silicone valley. 

[12:10] “The flattening of America.”

[14:10] The Final Frontier


[19:30] Is JP Morgan relaxing their mortgage standards…again? 

[23:15] Is this the start of a housing bubble that leads to a great recession?

[25:23] Go to 

[27:30] Key-phrase: “when the crisis has passed…”

[34:20] Jerome Powell - The Federal Reserve - “the world’s biggest hedge-fund.” 


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