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Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) thought they had the market all figured out - oops. Jason Hartman reminds you all to invest in something that makes sense the day you buy it; market timing is for the fools. We are looking at record-low interest rates again (mortgage rates)! It's time to invest!

Investment counselor Adam returns for part two on their discussion of the doom and gloom, will we see another great recession? Even if we do see another great recession, understanding IDEAL can help set you up for comfort. 

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Key Takeaways:

[1:30] If market timing were possible, wouldn't it be done?

[4:00] Real Estate is getting cheaper! 

[11:00] In March 2020, Jason said, "don't invest" - today (December 2020), "DO IT!"


[12:00] What is the government?

[15:00] When is all of this Doom & Gloom going to come true?

[17:00] What if it's another great recession right now?

[25:30] Let's compare income property with the value investing philosophy of Warren Buffet. 

[27:00] Understanding IDEAL

[33:00] "we'll just put the tool back in the toolbox, and everything will be ok.".. or not!


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