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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 1081, originally published in November 2018.

Jason Hartman starts this episode with a look at former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's most recent article outlining his concerns with our current economic situation. Greenspan is concerned we're headed toward stagflation, so what would that do to the average real estate investor? One sector that could potentially get hit is short-term rentals, so Jason investigates one of his big concerns on that front.

Then Jason finishes his conversation with Scott A Shay, co-founder of Signature Bank and author of In Good Faith: Questioning Religion and Atheism, about the degradation of ethics and character, and how we can reverse the course our nation is still on that idolizes money and power.

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] Alan Greenspan's new article highlights some of his concerns about our economy

[7:19] The graying of America

[9:34] Greenspan says Stagflation is coming, so what does that mean for real estate investors?

[14:17] What concerns Jason about short-term rentals

Scott Shay Interview:

[20:45] There's a degradation of ethics and character today

[25:26] How do we fix our current idolatry of money and power?

[30:00] How Adam Smith and Chapter 19 of Leviticus are similar


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There's a shortage of everything going on in the world today. And even when some things are available, another part of the supply chain is clogged and we can't get the parts we need. Nowhere is this truer than the construction industry.

Jason Hartman is joined by Venveo's Zach and Beth to discuss what's actually happening with the supply chain and how long we can expect this to continue. The 3 discuss the 4 L's of construction, a shift in attitude toward manufacturing houses, how the pandemic has impacted the way people are buying, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[3:29] Is the market really cooling off?

[8:23] What the RHPI is telling us (Real House Price Index)

Zach & Beth Interview:

[16:16] Prices of materials coming down doesn't mean savings for the consumer

[20:00] Some operators haven't seen supply chain issues but have been able to capitalize on the moment and increase their margins

[22:42] Labor shortages in construction is not a new thing

[26:40] Home starts are increasing

[30:12] Homeowners are becoming much, MUCH more educated about how their homes are built

[33:03] Are supply shortages going to be a continuing thing moving forward?


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Real estate investing has worked throughout history. It works incredibly well in the markets Jason Hartman recommends. But there's one thing that could derail it (and everything else for that matter), and it's a worldwide phenomenon.

Jason explains what's going on with the population of the world, and why it's a trend worth worrying about.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] A declining population puts markets at risk

[5:42] For the first time in a long time, the life expectancy for Americans decreased

[8:52] We are thinning out our population deliberately for the first time in human history

[15:13] How our society is destroying families

[19:45] China is now suffering due to population timebomb

[24:57] Watching old movies and TV shows will show you the shift in society

[32:15] Japan's biggest problem isn't what economists tend to focus on

[38:00] What this all means for real estate investors


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 295, originally published in January 2013.

Jason Hartman is joined by author and real estate investor, Barb Getty, as she talks about her journey into real estate investing, what it takes to be a good landlord or property manager, how to find and keep great tenants, and explains the eviction process.  

The second of four children, Barb was born and raised in Gary, IN.  She graduated cum laude from Purdue and married soon after. After seven moves in nine years of marriage, her family settled in Indianapolis.

Tragedy struck in 1992 when her 17-year-old son was killed in a car accident.  Her daughters were 16 and 14 at the time.  Sadly, Barb’s 21-year marriage ended eight months after Todd’s death.  She bought a small home needing repairs, and following the fix-up, she and her daughters moved in.

Pleased with that first project, Barb purchased her first duplex (with little money, no credit and no experience), hoping she had the wherewithal to be a landlord.  Today, she owns 27+ units -- a mix of single and multi-family, low and middle income rentals.  interviewed her recently and the article also appeared in USA Today.   Barb has also added high-end property management, consulting and speaking engagements to her business.

Although she hasn’t had an easy road, Barb is both financially and emotionally invested in her work.  She invites people to watch a video showing scenes she faces as a landlord in the inner city.  It’s very compelling.  Barb authored The Landlord Chronicles:  Investing in Low and Middle Income Rentals, published in 2010. Armed with a positive attitude and a strong sense of humor, Barb Getty is making a difference in her tenants’ lives, the neighborhood and the city as well.

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The future of real estate and the future of renters looks pretty good. But that doesn't mean you can just buy and forget your investments, you still have to manage them. Jason Hartman recently did some reading on American's personal finance education and habits, and came away disillusioned.

Listen in as Jason goes over some important things about personal finance, and why you want to be a dairy farmer, not a cattle rancher.

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] Used cars have actually APPRECIATED lately

[7:26] Only about 50% of states require high schoolers to learn about personal finance

[10:39] About 80% of millionaires inherited nothing, and 27% of them never earned $100,000 in a year

[13:55] We need to delay gratification, but give ourselves some rewards along the way

[18:21] Are you a cattle rancher or dairy farmer?

[20:46] Muthiah's 5 Year Plan


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The future of housing is a constant discussion, but some of the purported solutions aren't really solutions just yet. Jason Hartman discusses 3D printed homes and container homes, and brings in a clip of a video discussing the matter.

Then Jason takes a listener question about Inflation Induced Debt Destruction and rate buydowns.

Key Takeaways:

[5:20] Shipping containers and 3D printed homes may be the future, but they're nowhere near ready

[10:27] Jason's hot medical prescription advice

[14:09] The importance of aligning interests

[16:07] 3D Printing homes: A $4,000 solution?

[21:16] Can 3D printing homes solve homelessness?

[23:37] Listner question from Monroe about Inflation Induced Debt Destruction


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 809, originally published in March 2017.

During this case study, client Vernon Grant offers up a classic example of a situation you or your parents may be in right now. Vernon asks Jason for investment guidance on the two properties his parents own that are in vastly different markets. It’s all about the numbers, as Jason breaks down each property by its rent-to-value-ratio (RTV) and the existing debt structures of each. Jason reminds investors to consider depreciation offsets, refi-til-ya-die options and the beauty of renting.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] If your property doesn’t have good RTV ratios consider selling or refinancing.

[10:43] Vernon has been around property investing his entire life.

[12:00] Vernon needs Jason’s advice about how to handle his parent’s properties.  

[14:23] It doesn’t matter where your property is, RTV ratios are almost always the same.

[17:51] The New York market is a cyclical market and may be on the verge of being overvalued.

[25:12] Jason offers the Refi-til-ya-die as an alternative to selling.

[28:35] Why do we trust the advice of strangers more than we trust the advice of our friends and family?

[32:33] It’s important to examine the existing debt structure of the properties.

[34:09] A 1031 exchange may help offset depreciation taxes.

[36:37] How does an investor know when it’s time to 1031 exchange or to refinance?


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George Gammon and Jason Hartman finish their discussion about mitigating the downside risk of your real estate investments.

The two detail how commodity prices impact real estate, the three types of real estate markets, and Jason's LTI ratio.

Plus, it's time to register for Jason's first live event in nearly 2 years!

Key Takeaways:

[3:27] Join Jason in Orlando September 10-12, 2021 for a LIVE event!

[5:23] 3 ways to know your land vs improvement value

[12:12] How China impacted the cost of landscaping

[17:56] Low land value = low risk

[22:07] Why people are hesitant to sell in cyclical markets, even though they know they should


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As with all investments, buying real estate always comes with some form of risk. But Jason Hartman has found a way to mitigate that risk.

Listen in as Jason Hartman and George Gammon go through the first part of how you can manage that risk using the Hartman Risk Evaluator, as well as why the cost of construction seems to be on a never ending climb.

Key Takeaways:

[4:08] Manage your risk to guarantee a return OF your money, then a return on your money

[7:15] Buying a property is buying 2 things: land and the improvement

[10:53] Jason's "AHA!" moment

[15:31] Jason's concept of "Environmental Racism"

[19:29] Why "packaged commodities" give you benefits you don't get with regular commodity investing

[25:00] Why yield investors don't have to worry about the price fluctuating

[28:01] The truth behind those $19,000 homes on Amazon

[31:32] Builders are constantly being hit with new regulations that add cost


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 680, originally published in May 2016.

Dr. Alan Zimmerman is an internationally recognized motivational speaker for business. In addition to being a lifelong student, he is the author of The Payoff Principle: The 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want Out of Life and Work and the best-selling Pivot: How One Simple Turn in Attitude Can Lead to Success. His blog tackles subjects such as how to get what you want, how to be a great leader and how to reframe any type of situation into a positive one. He believes everyone should have an attitude of gratitude and chasing happiness is dangerous.

Key Takeaways:

[1:42] Cincinnati, Ohio is the #1 city for new college graduates.

[3:42] Is it possible to buy an entire town?

Dr. Alan Zimmerman Guest Interview:

[13:47] Almost always good attitudes lead to good results and bad attitudes lead to bad results.

[16:22] What is the sales formula Dr. Zimmerman recommends for people to become exceptional?

[22:54] Learning how to ask will you, when you do and what happens if I don’t.

[27:12] Chasing happiness is dangerous and how to have an attitude of gratitude.

[28:51] How to reframe any situation into a positive one.


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Jason Hartman starts today's episode explaining more about the importance of history that he touched on in the last episode. Everything seems weightier in the moment, so it's important to look back. The founding fathers, in fact, seemed pretty certain at times that the USA was going to fall apart.

Then, we finish the interview with Emmitt Smith from a recent mastermind Jason attended. This time the Dallas Cowboy legend discusses generosity, his rules for investing, building a brand, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[3:08] A New York man has dodged eviction for 20 years

[10:25] Everything seems heavier at the moment

[11:50] The Founding Fathers Thought America Was Doomed

[15:59] The next live event will be in Orlando, FL, September 10-12, 2021

Emmitt Smith Speech, Part 2:

[17:33] Emmitt's take on generosity

[22:00] Investing in start up companies is understandable but very risky

[24:49] Why Emmitt did Dancing With the Stars

[29:27] What separates each level of investors/athletes/etc?

[31:40] What Emmitt's excited about for the future


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The government is making changes to home owners that could very well be a boon to investors. How does a 40 year loan sound? Well, that may be on the horizon for us!

Jason examines the implications this could have, and then brings the first part of NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboy legend Emmitt Smith's keynote presentation at his mastermind from two weeks ago. Emmitt explains the world class advice he got from people growing up and how he was able to succeed in a world where so few do.

Key Takeaways:

[2:55] It's vital to remember the past

[9:09] FHFA is providing some people the ability to reduce their interest rates

[12:09] July's Empowered Investor meeting is focusing on asset protection plans and civil forfeitures

[17:11] Home retention is the #1 goal of government organizations right now

Emmitt Smith:

[19:55] Emmitt's involvement in real estate & Jerry Jones' simple, yet profitable, advice

[25:00] One of Emmitt's first mentors was his Pop Warner coach at the young age of 11

[28:40] Proverbs 3:6 was the scripture Emmitt's grandmother pointed him to when he went off on his own

[32:53] Always extend helping hand and leave the lights on for the next one through

[36:40] We're often very resistant to people challenging us, but we need it if they're trying to pull out our best


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 707, originally published in August 2016.

Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo is a Professor of Economics at Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of Business, a Senior Fellow at Mises Institute, a columnist for Lew Rockwell  and author of the new book, The Problem with Socialism. He joins Jason to discuss the problems Socialism creates for the poor and shares examples of how Socialism has failed other countries around the globe.

Key Takeaways:

[1:53] One week after Labor Day weekend, in Phoenix, will be our Learn How to Use Software to Be a Better Real Estate Investor event.

Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo Interview:

[4:17] What is the problem with Socialism?

[8:20] Breaking down the scheme of demonizing a class and the belief that taxing the rich will save an economy.

[12:50] The truth about Sweden is when they moved towards Socialism there were no new jobs created for 55 years.

[15:04] Examples of how welfare programs harm the poor by creating a vicious cycle of dependency. 

[18:05] How does Socialism cause pollution?

[21:29] Raising the minimum wage was designed to support higher wage union workers.

[26:02] Big corporations have always been behind creating regulations as a way to create monopoly power.


The Problem with Socialism by Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo

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