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Today Jason gives us a recap of the The Collective's first Mastermind event in Scottsdale Arizona- raising capital, racing cars and fashion shows. Next event is in Florida. If you are interested, contact Jason at He also dissects the current construction worker shortage according to an article in

This episode also features a interview with economist Logan Mohtashami, talking about the beleaguered real estate company Zillow putting a stop to their iBuying program. He also talks about his recent article "Waiting for a big drop in home prices? It could be a while." Home owners are staying in their homes longer because the "velocity of inventory doesn't move like it used to."

Key Takeaways:

1:33 Greetings from Scottsdale, Arizona

3:26 A Shortage of Construction Workers

6:01 4 Hour Lunch at Robert Kiyosaki's Place, C+ on a Ferrari and Access to Information

8:52 Elon Musk & Rocket Science 

10:23 Demand for Construction Workers and Upward Pressure on Housing Prices

14:17 Inflation During Thanksgiving

16:00 Inflation Induced Debt Destruction

18:05 Intro to Logan Mohtashami's Interview on the Zillow Debacle

20:30 Logan's Interview on the Fiasco of Zillow's iBuying Program

26:31 Housing Price Drop will Take Awhile

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