Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

In today’s episode, Jason talks about Inflation hitting a 31 year high, how rents are UP in the markets he recommends but FLAT in others! He also talks about the Phillips Curve, inflation and taxes and how it relates to real estate investing and that demand for single family rentals remain strong, and the Burns Single Family Rent Index.

You can also watch the video at Creating Wealth YouTube channel.

Jason also welcomes Bronson Hill, apartment syndicator and founder of Bronson Equity to speak about which cyclical real estate markets are far into bubble territory, possible effects of fed tapering and how geography is less meaningful than ever before. Let’s not forget how money printing leads to hyperinflation and unfair and unequal wealth distribution. Income property values generally rise with inflation, so you must take advantage of inflation induced debt destruction!

Key Takeaways:

[1:43] Inflation 31 year high

[4:15] The Phillips curve

[6:12] Triple the inflation target rate

[8:30] Inflation and taxes- liar and thief

[9:12] How it relates to real estate investing

[11:59] The best performing markets

[13:01] Demand for single family rentals remain robust

[14:38] Reach out to us for free; we're happy to help you!

Bronson Hill Interview:

[16:00] The future is inflationary 

[18:05] There might be a crash

[20:10] Looking for another Paul Volcker

[22:02] Zimbabwe’s worthless trillions 

[24:43] Universal basic income is coming

[29:03] Real estate values are largely based on school districts

[30:00] Geography is less meaningful than ever

[32:43] B and C class rentals 

[34:06] Pent up demand for housing has made things very competitive

[36:54] Take advantage of inflation induced debt destruction

[38:22] It’s important to look at the broader economic picture 

[39:12] Join the Empowered Investor Inner Circle


Statista Chart: Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation hits 31 year high

Burns Single Family Rent Index


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