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Today Jason talks about hedonic adjustment and indexing, both for the mind and your investments. Managing our expectations and coupling it out with gratitude is the road to happiness! 

Then Jason answers a question from one of his Empowered Investor Inner Circle members: In this present economy, what gives? Well, in short, the standard of living and quality of life!  He then compares homes in Jacksonville, Florida and New York City. Furthermore he talks about the commodities supercycle and how it relates to his "Packaged Commodities Investing."

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Key Takeaways:

1:12 A question from one of our Empowered Investor Network members

2:00 Hedonic adjustments and an Earl Nightingale story

6:38 It works on multiple ways

10:01 A South African trip

12:26 Hedonic indexing

15:02 Roadblocks on the way to happiness; balance it out with gratitude

20:00 What gives???

21:28 Standard of living and quality of life

22:29 Comparing homes for sale in Jacksonville, Florida versus New York City

24:45 The adjustment is done for you!

26:01 A huge hedonic adjustment

27:04 Packaged Commodities Investing

28:54 get your tickets to the Jason Hartman University Live, Virtual Event happening on April 1 & 2! Go to NOW!

31:19 Thanks to all who booked a session with Jason!

32:21 "Will the government continue to print money?"

35:10 What is a Commodity Supercyle

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38:42 A supercyle chart. Catch it on Jason's YouTube channel

39:32 Get a chance to win an Amazon $50 gift card

40:57 Supercycle continued

41:50 A Goldman Sachs article



Lou Dobb's book "War on the Middle Class"


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