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Today Jason is at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and gives a report of how awesome the conference was, how he learned new things when doing both live and live streams, how the crowd loved hearing about the Hartman Comparison Index and much more updates. He also invites all investors to join the 3 day small group mentoring program in Jacksonville Florida! Just go to to secure your spot!

Jason also hosts Galen Hair of Galen M. Hair, an aggressive and relentless litigator, is licensed in multiple states and boasts clients from around the world. With large wins both at home and across the country and an impressive record of favorable results, Mr. Hair gained a reputation for getting the job done both inside and outside the court room early on in his career.

He focuses not only on the litigation in front of the client, but the long term personal and business effects that his clients’ issues will cause. Viability is key and no small victory is worth it if the client is put in a more detrimental position. With both large firm and boutique firm experience, he combines a large firm comprehensive approach to a small firm low-cost model to achieve impressive results with minimal financial expense. His clients are family to him and it shows.

This unwavering success to continual improvement has led him to be named as a Super Lawyer Rising Star, a Top Lawyer by New Orleans Magazine, the Pro Bono Publico Award and numerous other accolades.

Key Takeaways:
Jason's Editorial
1:16 Greetings from MGM Grand Las Vegas
3:07 Preview on our guest, Galen Hair
3:52 A good surprise for you- insurance, the beauty of income property and taxes! 
7:50 Walking down memory lane- Feb 15, 2015
11:57 Update on what's coming
12:50 Join our small group Jacksonville Florida mentoring program. "Get in, get paid, get out!" So register now at
Galen Hair Interview
17:01 Welcome Galen Hair
18:26 It comes by different names, depending on the state
19:39 Over 95% of claims are underpaid or delayed.
20:07 Galen focuses on property-related issues
21:17 A 3.5 times higher settlement for people who hire attorneys 
23:35 What are your fees? What markets are you in? 
25:57 A sample case study
28:30 A good versus bad public adjuster and what they focus on
30:58 Advocate or an estimator? And how do you find one
32:50 States are good for the insured
34:07 What is the smallest claim you will handle?

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