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Jason is back from another Collective Mastermind event and gives s summary of the awesome things that took place including a talk by Dr. Peter McCullough, Rollo Tomassi's new book "The Rational Male." He also gives another prediction about builder contract cancellations and how it will affect the dynamics of the current housing market! 

And today, Jason welcomes Daniel and Chuck Gillette, income property investors and who are also part of Jason's Empowered Investor Inner Circle. Daniel and Chuck give a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at their income property journey; from their dad's property, to flipping, to owning a growing number of single family properties- 23 currently and counting! Through Jason's leadership and guidance, they have built their income property portfolio and are living a life they could only have imagined!

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:34 A Collective Mastermind report including Dr. Peter McCullough

4:18 Rollo Tomassi's book "The Rationale Male"

6:52 A Jason Hartman prediction: Builder contract cancellations; enjoy the decay!

17:10 Last call for the Wholesale Mentoring Event in Jacksonville! Learn Wholesale Real Estate Investing from the Experts! Go to NOW!

18:33 Announcing the winners of the $50 Amazon Gift Card weekly raffle giveaway!


Gillette brothers interview

20:40 Introducing the brothers Gillette, Daniel and Chuck

23:00 Getting started in real estate and student housing blues

26:19 Discovering Jason Hartman and the value of the single family home

27:27 A bigger vision through leverage and Refi 'Till Ya Die 

28:30 Small flippin' success

29:45 Background and retirement

31:20 Raising the next generation of income property investors

32:58 Be Area Agnostic when remote investing

35:30 Managing your properties- by remote through Hemlane

42:28 Self-managing tips and other amazing apps

44:15 Plans for the future



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