Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Are we on the brink of a housing market crash? Think again! Jason shows you why it’s different this time. We shouldn't have to rely on anything extraordinary happening to get a good return on investment. Putting our hopes, dreams and hard earned money into Ponzi schemes such as the stock market or high flying cyclical markets is a risk. Real estate is a fantastic investment vehicle, as it is a need based commodity and a multidimensional asset. Jason shows you how to evaluate the true affordability of home prices today amidst constant news of soaring prices, out of control inflation and the current housing bubble.


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1:25 Home, where we spend most of our time

2:32 Power poverty

3:43 Uber issues and the Silicon Valley Ponzi scheme

5:40 The Jason's ex-girlfriend metric

7:48 An anecdote from The Simpsons

9:38 Housing affordability

10:40 DQYDJ Index

13:10 An inconvenient lie

14:43 At the precipice of the crash vs. today, housing is more affordable

17:24 Sustaining a country's population- start having babies

27:57 Consumers, foreclosures and bankruptcies

31:17 NAR Study: Inventory of existing homes for sale nearly 2M short of 6 month's supply


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