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The most overlooked facet of asset protection is actually one of the easiest! Jason Hartman invites Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton to talk about the ongoing requirements to keep your corporation or LLC current in good standing. If you fail to follow these simple rules, a court can pierce through the corporation or LLC, also known as “the corporate veil,” and get at your personal assets. Garrett advises you to be aware of The Corporate Transparency Act and talks about his new book - Veil Not Fail: Protecting Your Personal Assets from Business Attacks.

About Garrett Sutton, Esq.

Garrett assists entrepreneurs and real estate investors from around the world to protect their assets and maximize their financial goals through sound management and asset protection strategies. Garrett is highly sought after as a guest speaker and serves as a member of the elite group of “Rich Dad Advisors” for bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki.

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Join Empowered Investor Pro today! 

1:35 Jason Hartman reports the latest housing inventory numbers

4:15 The Fed is trying to cool the market

4:49 Personal Banking, mortgage, syndication and 1031 exchange workshops

6:45 Welcome Garrett Sutton, Rich Dad Advisor, attorney and successful author 

7:28 Keeping your corporation or LLC current in good standing

9:06 Piercing the corporate veil succeeds in 50% of all cases

13:15 Signing documents on behalf of the entity with your title

16:49 Paying fees to maintain your entity

17:41 Best states for asset protection and managing your LLC

21:52 How the Communist Party in SF almost got away with taking over private companies

24:09 Legal battles within families 

26:00 The Corporate Transparency Act

28:02 Fraud and abuse with our current system

29:59 FBI, spying, privacy issues and banking regulations 

32:39 Civil forfeiture

34:35 More regulations from Congress 

37:44 New reporting rules for setting up an entity - what you must know 

39:16 LLCs - S selection to be taxed as an S corp

41:15 Filing a C corp

41:59 Writing off health care premiums 

44:17 Asset protection for a C corp

45:34 Asset protection laws

46:38 Get Garrett’s new book - Veil Not Fail: Protecting Your Personal Assets from Business Attacks (Rich Dad Advisor Series)



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