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Today, Jason welcomes you from beautiful Mexico! He is in another gathering of The Collective Mastermind, a group of like-minded investors having fun and sharing strategies in growing their portfolio. For more information on how to become a member of this elite group, go to the

Housing volume cycle vs. price cycle. For a housing downturn to occur, you have to have low inventory and stressed sellers. But with inventory and mortgage rates so low, Jason asks "Where is the distressed homeowner?" "Where is this so called 'crash?'"

Join Jason and Eric Basmajian of for the second part of their conversation as they look at the nuances of the "housing market," discussing why he believes a housing crash is not on the horizon-yet, the market cycles happening in the cyclical markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago etc. its challenges and where it might be headed.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial:

1:03 Greetings from Mexico! Jason is in Mexico for another gathering of The Collective Mastermind. 

1:41 Eric's back and will be talking about macro economics and the housing market

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Eric Basmajian interview:

2:47 Who's driving the NAHB/Wells Fargo US Market Housing Index

3:38 Residential Building Employees

4:32 Housing construction woes

6:37 Months supply of US single-family homes

9:07 The Fed's poison pill

11:01 Protecting the asset 

11:40 Housing is the business cycle by Edward E. Leamer: Volume vs price cycle

13:10 Financial debt + household debt to GDP

14:17 The current volume cycle: less inventory

15:44 Price cycle is more vulnerable in the new construction market

17:05 Volume cycle in the large institutional home buyers

19:53 The monetary and fiscal policy response

21:20 Sell to get the rate of inflation down

21:56 Exploiting the last cheap labor market: Africa


23:06 Why mass inflation is still a threat to rich countries



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