Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason is back from his adventure in Mexico with The Collective Mastermind group! Great food, great fun with great people! If you want a major step up in building your wealth, join us today!

Also don't forget to get your tickets to our upcoming virtual event, the RECESSION PROOF INVESTING SUMMIT. One of our speakers is DR. NOAH ST. JOHN also known as “The Father of AFFORMATIONS®” and “The Mental Health Coach to The Stars.” Dr. St. John works with Hollywood celebrities, 8-figure company CEOs, professional athletes, top executives and elite entrepreneurs, to help you "make MORE in 12 weeks than in the past 12 months." 

You are also invited to our Empowered Investor Pro group where you can engage in other like-minded investors, where you can network, share strategies and build and grow your income property portfolio! 

Jason is also joined today by Rudyard Lynch, better known online as Whatifalthist. He is an American-Canadian YouTuber who produces videos based around Alternate-History, Geo-Politics, and Political Commentary. Listen in as they discuss history and how this affects your investment portfolio and strategies for the future!

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial:

1:27 Jason's back from Mexico

3:24 A short intro on our guest today, Rudyard Lynch

3:48 A quick housing inventory from our friends in Altos Research

7:14 "I'm right again!" The Poison Pill creating a housing inventory shortage

8:10 Join the RECESSION PROOF INVESTING SUMMIT! Get your tickets now!

9:40 Active inventory & projected, Single Family

11:21 The question as always is...

12:32 To know what the linear and hybrid markets are, go to

Rudyard Lynch interview:

13:01 Welcome Rudyard Lynch a.k.a. Whatifalthist on YouTube

14:13 A few predictions; what's in store for the future

15:50 Some metrics on inflation and how it plays out around the world

20:19 10 and 20 year Inflation cycles

22:35 Crypto and fiat currencies, asteroids and minerals

26:51 Inflation and how it affects the US and the world

29:35 Map of civilizations around the world and how the economies will be

33:40 Geo-politics in the east and what the future holds

35:29 Western industrialization

38:33 The geo-political world in a hundred years

40:15 Action steps recommended by a non-credentialed 21 year old 

41:36 College towns, student housing and the University Debt Enslavement Complex



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