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Today's Flashback Friday is from episode 547, published last July 27 2015.

Vladimir Putin’s rise to the top is a Shakespearean drama. Putin the President was created by a group of wealthy businessmen to replace Boris Yeltsin. While believing they found a man who aligned with their own desires to keep the money at the top, Putin had different ideas. He successfully brought down elite families who disagreed with his politics. Russians embraced the leader and made him one of most popular Russian presidents of all time. Ben Mezrich shares his journey of writing his latest book, soon to be movie, Once Upon a Time in Russia.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

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11:24 Inflation induced debt destruction

Ben Mezrich Interview:

15:17 Many stories just kind of came to me

16:11 Misconceptions about Putin

16:40 Oligarchs miscalculated and created Putin by mistake

18:43 The Godfather of the Kremlin

19:21 Putin was an assistant KGB agent with average pay

21:23 The Russians love Putin and possibly some Ukrainians too

24:32 This story is a very Shakespearean drama

25:58 Warner Studio is making the movie

26:36 Putin may be around for a long time

28:18 Russia is in the midst of crony capitalism

29:38 Will Russia have a middle class in the future?

32:26 Yeltsin basically made the Oligarchs to fend off Communism

34:03 Was entering Ukraine an effort to recruit young people for Russia?

35:10 When oil prices go down the Russian economy suffers



Bringing Down the House

The Accidental Billionaires

Once Upon A Time in Russia





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