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Slow and steady housing markets don’t make the news as they are boring and don’t generate the kind of click bait headlines that turn heads, but as an investor, that’s exactly where you want to be. So instead of just listening to the headlines, Jason Hartman teaches you and gives you the tools to evaluate properties, interest rates and changing markets so you can learn to think for yourself! Join Jason and Tyler Wynn as they explore Jason’s views on the changing housing market and how to determine whether or not a property is worth buying.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

0:00 Welcome Empowered Investors!

2:22 Recession Proof Investing Summit this weekend!

2:40 What is driving changes in housing inventory?

7:22 Cheap mortgages are the new collector’s items

11:34 Save the date for our live event in Scottsdale, AZ - Tom Wheelwright will be speaking!

12:31 Update on court battle - final judgment amount has been reduced

Jason's interview with Tyler Wynn

16:46 Jason’s view of the changing market

18:37 Factors to determine if you are in a good investment market

22:45 The Phillips Curve - balancing unemployment against inflation

24:38 Inflation rates and money lending

27:37 The US dollar is a moving target

29:56 Determining whether or not to buy a house

31:05 Using other assets to determine the value of real estate

33:59 Mortgage payment - historically cheap or expensive?

36:19 Houses are half as expensive today as they were 52 years ago

40:02 Hedonic adaptation

43:00 Will interest rates go back down?



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