Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Today's Flashback Friday is from episode 469 published last January 28, 2015.

Jason Hartman introduces today’s Creating Wealth Show with a well-aimed stab at a recently published article alleging that it is now cheaper to buy a residential property than rent, and then opens up the discussion to a wider view on why we simply can’t trust statistics any more. 

Later, he invites It’s All About Money presenter, Bill Tatro, to give his opinion on the important issues which affect Americans and their money today, such as oil prices, whether more of our money is going overseas or staying on home soil and why we can expect both inflationary and deflationary patterns in the next 10-15 years.

Key Takeaways

3:48 Jason Hartman gives a brief explanation of the various types of property management available. 

7:57 Income property is the most leverage-favored asset. Take advantage of this!

13:09 Keep your wits about you, even when reading news media. Not everything is quite as it seems.

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20:24 Jason Hartman introduces today’s guest, Bill Tatro.

26:00 Bill Tatro explains the reasoning behind Keynesianism in a more modern, comprehensible way.

28:57 Yes, trillions of dollars have been printed, but how many of those have we actually seen?

31:48 How can we hope to combat deflation?

36:28 We can learn a lot from the actions of Greece, but will we learn?

41:08 Past, current and predicted oil prices can tell us a lot about the state of our economy in terms of inflation or deflation.

43:38 For more information, head to

47:36 What does the future look like through the eyes of an economist?

Mentioned in this episode

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