Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Welcome to The Creating Wealth Show, Episode 1907! Join Jason Hartman today as he takes you through recent natural disasters and how they affect you as homeowners, investors, and how they affect the overall supply and demand dynamic of the real estate markets. Jason discusses Joseph Schumpeter and creative destruction, and breaks down some statistics on households formed vs homes built. 

Today’s guest Becky Nova, founder of Lady Landlords, helps others invest in properties and actually self manage them from a distance. She successfully operates in cyclical urban markets, so tune in for an interesting real estate success story and some great tips for self managing from abroad.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

0:00 Welcome to The Creating Wealth Show, Episode 1907

2:03 Increased demand for housing as natural disasters lessen the supply

5:49 Today’s construction codes are much better

7:51 Benefiting from a disaster - insurance claims, government aid & mortgage moratorium

9:13 Joseph Schumpeter and creative destruction

11:05 Households formed vs homes built

12:45 Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University housing projections

14:50 Second wave feminism, decreased marriage rate & men going their own way

17:00 Housing inventory from Altos Research

20:00 Some great opportunities in new construction homes

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Becky Nova interview

22:52 Welcome Becky Nova, founder of Lady Landlords

24:34 Becky started with buying a multifamily and renting out another unit

26:05 Mission to provide sustainable housing to those in the Dominican Republic

28:30 Self managing rental properties

30:00 Tools and tricks for self managing your properties from a distance - having the right people and the right systems in place

32:20 Property management software

33:00 Check out Jason’s RENT (Real Estate News & Tech) YouTube channel for software demos 

34:12 Laying out rules for requests and maintenance

38:50 City living vs multifamilies

41:55 Interest rate hikes and rent increases

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