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Welcome to today’s episode where Jason is joined by his faithful companion Coco, as he steers clear of the ‘thought police,’ talking about the Apartment List Survey happening during the nation’s midterm ‘erection’ and how the housing market has become a political issue for most Americans!

Jason also talks about the CPI, which he calls the ‘CP LIE’ vis a vis the PCE or the Personal Consumption Expenditures. Moreover, a shocking, tectonic shift in the renter market has taken place, something he predicted back in March of 2022! 

He is then interviewed by James Schlimmer and John Bowens of the Building Equity Podcast where Jason talks about the current state of the economy and the housing market and how it stacks up to other commodities by using his Hartman Comparison Index.

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Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome to Episode 1915! Check out that beautiful animal behind Jason!

1:48 The Erection: Avoiding the ‘Thought Police’

2:33 Apartment List Survey: Rising Housing Costs A More Salient Political Issue for Renters

9:31 Institutional Investors are still a drop in the bucket

11:40 The standard measure of inflation: The CP Lie

13:07 PCE- Personal Consumption Expenditures

15:55 Renters’ gradual shift toward suburban and rural areas-Just as Jason predicted back in March 2022

18:00 Empowered Investor Pro Community Monthly Zoom Meeting and the LIVE event in Scottsdale, Arizona

Jason Interviewed by James Schlimmer and John Bowens, Building Equity Podcast

19:39 The current state of the US housing market

20:42 Historically, housing inventory is very, very low and cheap mortgages are not helping

22:48 Mistakes new investors make

26:06 What is your measuring stick?

26:43 Tale of 3 markets; sampling Memphis, Indianapolis & Los Angeles

29:03 A skewed housing market data

30:33 The Hartman Comparison Index

31:03 Median home price versus the price of gold

33:20 Median home price versus the price of oil

35:12 Rice and the S&P

36:15 Coaching session with Jason and the Empowered Investor LIVE event in Scottsdale, Arizona

37:25 After a catastrophe like a hurricane, there is MORE demand for housing




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