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This weekend was the most recent mastermind event for The Collective Mastermind and we decided to do something different. There was so much value in this event and we are here today to share some of the things that happened and our insights on some of the things that we’re experiencing today. 


Listen now to learn more about the last Collective Mastermind event and current market conditions so you can stay ahead!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


[00:00] Introduction

[01:43] What makes the concept of masterminds very powerful?
[03:07] What is happening to the market today?

[04:06] What kind of loans are builders taking out today?

[05:12] Are the markets overbuilt?

[08:21] How are the rising interest rates affecting the economy?

[10:30] What makes the price of money ½ of every transaction?

[12:54] How should people be dealing with the economy today?

[13:51] How would rising debt costs affect real estate investors?

[14:26] How does geographic location create a different impact during inflation?

[16:20] What other effects does inflation have on investors?

[17:30] What could possibly happen to interest rates in the future?

[19:39] What should investors be focused on today?

[23:04] What happens when interest rates are as high as they are today?

[24:11] How can you reach out to Ken and George?



“We’re living through a time in history that’s proving to us how important price signal is and price discovery, and they’ve completely gotten rid of the most important price of all – the price of money.”


“My point is that it is true for an American investor, if you got a treasury, you are losing to inflation. But if you have that geo-arbitrage, you can set it up to where you’re actually experiencing deflation.”


“What they do is they make it more difficult to qualify, so you really can’t get it. It looks great if you can get it.”


“I think we’re going into a time, at least over the next year, where it’s more so about capital preservation as opposed to appreciation.”


“People’s checking accounts are still a lot higher today than they were in 2018. The problem there is that their incomes have not gone up with the rate of inflation.”


“Another thing that’s interesting about interest rates going up, is it gives large pools of money and options they haven’t had in a decade.”


“Sometimes, the return of your capital is more important than the return on your capital.”




Book: The Creature from Jekyll Island


Website: Ken McElroy


Website: The Collective Advisors


Website: Hartman Media

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