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We are currently in a high-inflation environment that has caused everything to be more expensive than they usually are – from the cost of daily expenses to interest rates for mortgages. This has been causing a lot of chaos and uncertainty in different areas of the world so we are here today to help shine a little light on what really is going on and how you can get through this tough time. 


Listen to this episode to learn more about inflation, how it is affecting our lives, and how we can adjust to make sure we do not go down as everything else goes up! 


Key Talking Points of the Episode


[00:00] Introduction

[01:25] The next Collective Mastermind event

[02:06] What question do we need to always be asking ourselves?

[04:10] What do numbers look like in different markets today?

[05:11] Why isn’t cash considered an asset?

[06:32] What are Peter Zion’s insights on interest rates?

[08:35] Where did the fed go wrong in this battle against inflation?

[11:20] How is inflation affecting the millennial generation?

[13:23] What if you want to buy a home but interest rates are too high?

[14:17] Where should you be investing your money in today’s economy?

[15:32] How is inflation affecting other countries?

[16:37] Where can you get tickets for the Arizona event?

[17:10] What is The Collective?




“That is life’s most important question as I always like to say – “compared to what?” is the question we always need to be asking ourselves and it really boils down to that idea of TINA. An acronym, TINA, There Is No Alternative.”


“What’s not on this chart is cash and it’s funny that people don’t consider that an investment.”


“As I always say, whenever you hold an asset, every day that goes by that you don’t sell that asset, you’re basically buying it from yourself. So, if you’re holding cash, you are losing at the rate of inflation.”


“All of the would-be first-time buyers, this giant millennial and gen z generation, they’re not gonna be buying houses. They’re gonna be renting.”


“It’s actually worse than it sounds because while interest rates are going up rapidly in the United States, remember, they can’t go up as rapidly everywhere else.”


“Finances in Germany are relatively liberalized, so the people can get their money out to secret places.”




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