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The legendary Dr. Marc Faber is with us on the show today again, to talk to us about gloom and doom, and a little bit of boom – the gloom and doom report. We are going to uncover more of the numbers for you today and we’re taking it back to as far as 1977 to give us a better understanding of the current market and what makes it different from the past. 

Listen now to learn more about the trends in the market from decades ago, what’s currently happening, and what is projected to happen in the next 12-18 months and beyond!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

01:54 What have housing start numbers been like?

06:38 What do inventory numbers look like today?

10:06 What have inventory numbers been like in the last 10 years?

12:45 What is the market really like today?

17:11 Why are demographics important in real estate?

19:25 Where can you get tickets for The Empowered Investor Live?

20:16 Who is Marc Faber?

21:11 What does Marc think about how the Central Bank is dealing with the economy?

24:01 What does the government have to do with inflation?

28:09 What are Marc’s thoughts on the future of this inflation?

32:03 What could people do to hedge inflation?

34:03 Will interest rates continue to go up in the near future?

35:40 What is The Collective?




“Nobody is building entry-level housing. It simply makes zero economic sense for any builder to build an entry-level house and that’s why we have such a good opportunity for rental housing owners.”


“It’s not the same market. This is not the entry-level market, this is not the investment property market – this is the broader real estate market of expensive homes that investors will not buy.”


“We’re going into a recession if we’re not in one already, but if you’re expecting a huge housing crash in the entry-level market, don’t hold your breath.”


“No Central Bank is independent. They’ll have to do what the politicians are telling them to do, but of course, if inflation gets out of hand as it does at the present time, then the Central Banks will say we have to fight inflation.”


“I’d like to state categorically that whenever you have inflation, it has been engineered by governments. In other words, if you look back at the last few years, an increase in the fiscal deficit is usually inflationary.”


“The politicians, they’re not necessarily out to make money themselves. For them, it’s power.”


“You say the rate hikes are so sudden, I respond to that that the Central Banks after 2008, they kept interest rates artificially low from December 2008 until 2021.”




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