Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Today's Flashback Friday is from episode 1334 published last November 27, 2019.

Jason Hartman and Adam join forces today to discuss a big development in the mortgage market. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac conforming loan limits are being increased again, this time to over $510,000, which will have substantial impacts on the housing market overall.

Later, Adam talks with one of the network lenders about where interest rates are today and what a weakening economy in 2020 might put them in a few months.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

2:35 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are increasing the conforming loan size to over $510,000

7:27 Conforming loan limit increases generally lead to home price inflation

11:31 The higher loan limit might impact hybrid markets more than cyclical

15:34 Insights from Voxer messages left by listeners

19:10 Technology is increasing the value of our properties

Adam: Mortgage Minutes

25:34 Current rates for a $100,000 property with 20 or 25% down

29:59 How might rates react if we see weakening in the economy that some are predicting in 2020?

30:45 Mortgage starts don't seem to be slowing down for investors




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